Maybe there is something I can do for you. This is most likely if you look for clear points and whole-hearted solutions.

Being a pragmatic analyst, I will quickly identify your issues and optimization potentials. As a structuralist, I will present a suitable and, whenever possible, generic solution. The generalist that I am will sympathize with what different stakeholders fear and anticipate (and why they do). The photographer in me unintendedly tries to look at things from even unusual points of view.

So far, I am experienced in manifold organizations and industries, from various perspectives and in most project or product phases.

Specialties and expertise

  • Structural analysis and process optimization
  • Cross platform integration and automation
  • Data scraping, mining and normalization

Industries and branches

  • Telecommunications and Media
  • Trade, distribution and retail
  • Public authorities

Tasks and skills

  • Technical and general project management
  • Support and service management
  • IT engineering and architecture

Products and projects

Let me know if you need more (and why).