My interests deal a lot with any impact of time. Be it history (a prime source to learn about future in general!), or time-capture (aka photography), or IT-powered improvements to save time. I dislike the idea of “work” as a value on its own (sorry, Evangelists), and I do much like the idea of “constructive ease”. A world without it were a world without escalators, airplanes and Burger shacks.

So, actually, saving to me means gaining time for even more exciting things. Like exploring strange new worlds, seeking out different civilizations and boldly going wherever I feel lucky. I will likely prefer “where no one has gone before” over “where everyone is”, and “watching” over “joining”.

I am probably the one you don’t want in your group or team, unless your group or team exists for a clear benefit other than existing as a group or team. If it does, and if our ideas of “benefit” do match, I am however pretty compatible in terms of interfaces, clear communication and a hands-on mindset.


  • I dislike things being done for their own sake, possibly unnecessarily repeated.
  • I like things being solved.
  • Please do not bore me.