Disable Opera updates

As there are still some weird guys (like me) out there sticking to Opera 12 for a lot of reasons: We all know the startup nag screen telling us that A new Opera version is ready for installation, and we all do love it. Not. And since I grow tired of looking up the solution in the Interwebs, I rather paste it here for anyone in need.


Depending on how Extras > Settings > Advanced > Security > Updates is set (defaults to “always”, of course), Opera looks for recent downloads more or less frequently. If one succeeds, the installer file will be placed in a subfolder of either C:\Program Files\Opera\ or, if un-writable, of C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\C ProgramFiles Opera.


  1. Exit Opera
  2. Delete subfolder with Installer
  3. Start Opera again
  4. (G|D)one.