Tu Disch Nisch Aufregen

„TDNA” was primarily intended as a training job with, at that time, still new object oriented Win32 Delphi IDE. Incidentally, a graphical IDE for developing really useful and performant native GUI applications still was not a matter of course in the late 1990’s. (While today, students hardly learn to code without any graphical IDE at all.) At the same time, TDNA was my first and only sidestep into the shareware market.

Was there a couple of big plans still in 2002! But as it is hard to earn a living from yet another digitized „ludo” game, especially when distributed as shareware and with a rather weak unblocking key system, other things had to be done with priority. However: The sources are being well-kept until today, as are the many extension ideas. I guess I might wait to become pensioner and then start marketing a „last century retro classic” in order to improve my income…

Horizontal Tabs


Time scope: 
1999 to 2001

Developing a Windows game in the style of „Mensch ärgere dich nicht” (german „ludo” successor).

(No further development.)