Bilderblock photo theme

I had implemented my photo blog with Wordpress some years ago, primarily as a practical exercise on how Wordpress and I would fit.

Long story short: We didn’t. And I suppose we won’t. While it is true that Wordpress is fine if you need something quickly, from all recent experience, Drupal is my favorite regarding security, constraints and maintainability. (Also, I can now use an existing Drupal multi-site cluster, which reduces efforts again.)

Never boring: Gitlab, AD, and LDAP in general

While making our internal network services ready to scale once they need, I recently added most internal services (e. g. Mediawiki, bug trackers, and whatever there is to add to a centrally admin’d SSO domain). Not too surprisingly, there are several caveats, most of which need no mention here (Google to the rescue, as most times). However, the most horrifying piece of work was integrating Gitlab, not just a free, but a great software (in almost any other aspect).