Bilderblock photo theme

I had implemented my photo blog with Wordpress some years ago, primarily as a practical exercise on how Wordpress and I would fit.

Long story short: We didn’t. And I suppose we won’t. While it is true that Wordpress is fine if you need something quickly, from all recent experience, Drupal is my favorite regarding security, constraints and maintainability. (Also, I can now use an existing Drupal multi-site cluster, which reduces efforts again.)

And while the Wordpress site was (yet still is) basically a collection of functionality (with often few distinction between M, V and C), the Drupal version resulted in a nicely separated set of tools, rules and views – and this here theme. It focuses alone on display tasks (quite unexpected for a theme, isn’t it), helps to expose photography for almost every HTML display software and is highly configurable, respects all reasonable standards. And even falling back to unstyled output will still deliver a logically arranged and easily readable, structured content

Horizontal Tabs


Time scope: 

Refactor and migrate an existing Wordpress theme for use with Drupal’s eco system.