Never boring: Gitlab, AD, and LDAP in general

While making our internal network services ready to scale once they need, I recently added most internal services (e. g. Mediawiki, bug trackers, and whatever there is to add to a centrally admin’d SSO domain). Not too surprisingly, there are several caveats, most of which need no mention here (Google to the rescue, as most times). However, the most horrifying piece of work was integrating Gitlab, not just a free, but a great software (in almost any other aspect).

Sync Center: Permission denied

AD, client PC, documents folder redirected to a file server and there to a share’s subfolder (e. g. //fileserver/usershares/%username%), CSC enabled by default (standard as of Windows Server 2K8 FWIK), multiple domain users logging in to that client. While logged in as User1, the Sync Center reports errors as Error while syncing //fileserver/usershares/User2: Permission denied.


For those who, like me and after browsing 9000 of these pervasive helpless "expert forums" ("just run as admin, that solved everything for me!11!!1") and short before switching to a better virtualization engine, here for the records and for your time-saving my findings, with a lot of thanks to one of these rare helpful blog posts. And it is just as sick and loco as you may want to imagine when dealing with Oracle.

Disable Opera updates

As there are still some weird guys (like me) out there sticking to Opera 12 for a lot of reasons: We all know the startup nag screen telling us that A new Opera version is ready for installation, and we all do love it. Not. And since I grow tired of looking up the solution in the Interwebs, I rather paste it here for anyone in need.

Tu Disch Nisch Aufregen

„TDNA” was primarily intended as a training job with, at that time, still new object oriented Win32 Delphi IDE. Incidentally, a graphical IDE for developing really useful and performant native GUI applications still was not a matter of course in the late 1990’s. (While today, students hardly learn to code without any graphical IDE at all.) At the same time, TDNA was my first and only sidestep into the shareware market.